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Dave Farley, Maggie Farley, Sue Purser, Anton Passmore & Michael Butterfield.

The theme for Dawlish Carnival eight days this year will be six nations England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France & Italy. it is to do with what represents these nations i,e, Wales, dragons, leeks, daffodils, that kind of thing etc. so we should see some great displays throughout the town this year.


Follow all the build up to the big Devon Carnivals why not come and join in the fun or come & support the Carnivals.

The Devon coastline offers a great family holiday with lots to do and great places to visit.
so why not book now and enjoy a stay by the seaside and join in the carnival fun in Devon.

Latest News

We are pleased to announce that Anton Passmore has taken up the post of vice chair & Elliott Tucker will be our Interim Safety Officer good luck to them both

1st place for Daniel

Gill Langdale passed this  photo of her son Daniel winning the Carnivial Baby Show to our Chairwoman, Gill thinks it was about 2001 that Daniel won the Baby Show now Daniel is ( over 6ft ) & this is his last year at School Gill said she found this photo of him and wonder where the time has gone. Thank you Gill for sharing your memory with us.


Our 2015  Carnival Programs  are on sale in  22 outlets & still only £2 each

Please remember our Program has copyright

GERALDS in all of them.

Pram race application

carnival procession application

We picked up a 2nd tonight at Teignmouth Carnivial well done Ryan & the Float Crew.

Another 1st for Float crew at Chudleigh Carnivial.

Well done float crew for going along & supporting Newton Abbot Carnivial this evening, even though you could not take the float along with you because of Daves hip dislocation again, well done for picking up another 1st in your class.


Well the madness has started once again!!! And what a good night at South Brent Carnival. It was well attended & even though we left the float home some of the float crew could still attend so we went along & supported the Carnival by walking it. We picked up a 1st in our class well done everyone.

Download Dawlish Carnival Royal family application

 Easter Bonnet Parade 2015

Easter Bonnet parade Results 

5 & under
1st Lily Flatt age 5 from Bristol 
2nd Scarlet Connolly age 4 from Dawlish

1st Jamie age 6 from Dawlish
2nd Julie age 9 from Birmingham
3rd Meadow age 5 from Dawlish

there where three children in the wrong age group so it was decided by the judges & our chairwomen to call them back to be judge fairly  
1st Isabella age 2 from Birmingham
joint 2nd was Tiffany age 4 from Dawlish & Sophie age 5 from Birmingham

1st Billy age 11 from Birmingham

1st Grumpy Grandad  From Birmingham
2nd Frank from Dawlish
3rd Clair  from Birmingham/ Teigmouth

Best Humorous 
Julie age 9 from Birmingham

Best Decorated
Lily age 5 from Bristol

Best Creative
Billy age 11 from Birmingham

Highly Commended
Jamie age 6 from Dawlish
Sophie age 5 from Birmingham

Best overall
Izzie age 2 1/4 from Birmingham

Sunday 22nd March

A great big Well Done to The Float Crew, Archie, Ryan & Our Safety Officer, Once again you did us proud by completing the bed push. Thank you to everyone who sponsored them also everyone who put money in our buckets along the route & to Radio Exe for Broadcasting our event .They set off from the Lawn Dawlish at 9.15am reaching The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital at 1.30pm then stopped for a coffee & snack then back on the road for home at 2.30pm returning back on the Lawn at 7.15pm.                                                                           

Sunday 22nd March

We are doing a sponsored bed push starting around 9.00 am from The Lawn in Dawlish to The RD & E Hospital in Exeter & back again. To raise much needed funds for this year's carnival. please sponsor us or place your donations in our buckets on the day all donations very gratefully received thank you.

Tonight at the four Charity Bingo at the Langstone Cliff Hotel Dawlish warren. Our chairwoman Maggie Farley presented, Dawlish Community Transport with a cheque for £800.00. This was the money collected on our Santa Run this year. A big thank you goes out to everyone who put money into our buckets. We believe Dawlish Community Transport benefits loads of people in our community. Well done to everyone who came along & helped out with the Santa Run.

Thank you to all the Traders & Customers who came along & made this years Christmas Market another success. We would also like to thank all the shops who entered,The Best Dressed Christmas Window Trisha Wills Memorial Cup. our thanks go to Geoff Wills & family for doing another great job judging the windows for us again this year.

The winners are

1st  Dabbling Duck.

2nd  Curios Gifts.

3rd  Dawlish Interiors.


                                               Santa Run

This year's Santa run will take place on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th December all money colleted this year will be donated to Dawlish Community Transport.
Last year we chose Sure start to received all money colleted. Thank you to everyone who put money into our buckets. We would like to thank our wonderful Float Crew who went out & got completely soaking wet colleting this money. 
As we go out again this year our thoughts will be on our dear friend Tim Smith who after the Santa run on the Saturday last year passed away early Sunday morning. we just could not believe it & as you could imagine we did not have the heart to go on the Santa run on the Sunday.

The Best Dressed Christmas Window Trisha Wills Memorial Cup

This year is the best we've ever had with 41 shop's taking part.
we thank everyone of you, & good luck to you all.
Our thanks also go to Geoff Wills & his family for agreeing to judge the windows the morning of our Christmas Market again this year, oh what a hard job they will have.
Here is the list of all shop's taking part.
why not take a walk around & have a look yourself.

1)    Park Road Pets
2)    Take The Bait
3)    Be Repaired 
4)    Dawlish Interiors 
5)    Dawlish Discount Store
6)    Braking Wind Cycles
7)    Salon 84
8)    Butterfly Dawlish Community Art & Craft
9)    Canine Care 
10)  Snooky Trust 
11)  Force & Sons 
12)  Signature Hair & Beauty
13)  The Realm of Midagorn
14)  Pearson Ranger
15)  Presents
16)  Red cross 
17)  Wannabee fancy dress 
18)  Body Beautiful 
19)  Dabbling Duck 
20)  Jen's Sweet Shop 
21)  The Bag Lady 
22)  Jack Sprats
23)  Ten Green Bottles
24)  Fulfords estate agents
25)  Curios Gifts 
26)  Animals in Distress
27)  Mare & foal Sanctuary
28)  Alison's flower shop
29)  Ryders 
30)  The Shoe centre 
31)  Stokes 
32)  Bastins 
33)  The Ugly Duckling 
34)  The Children's Society 
35)  Home & Kitchen 
36)  Emerald Decor (had to pull out as they just did not have the time this year
37)  Brainwave
38)  Gays creamery 
39)  The Monkey House 
40)  Bluebells 
41)  J. H.Way Funeral Directors


The six directors of Dawlish Carnival would like to inform everyone that the Meeting being held tomorrow night in the Brunswick  Arms will not be recognized by Dawlish Carnival. We informed Mr Force on Sunday evening, via e-mail, that we would not be going ahead with this meeting as he had made it a public meeting by going on social media websites & putting it in the press. We agreed on a meeting with a small group of people who Mr Force said had approached him saying they wish to help carnival, in today's Dawlish Gazette page 2 it says businessman David Force has instigated the public meeting. We are happy to hear from anyone who truly wants to help out, please come down to the Christmas Market this year & give your details to one of our committee members on the stall by the Christmas grotto or you can contact us via our website www.dawlishcarnivalentertainment.co.uk/ 
not Mr Force or The Dawlish Gazette  as they are not part of Dawlish Carnival.

All pitches for our 2014 Christmas Market are now gone so please dont send any application or ring up Sue for a pitch as you will be disappointed as we cant fit you in this year thank you.

30/10/14 Today Derek Collins ( Del ) had his last wish to have his finale ride on the float. In 2010 Del's wife Sharon was taken to the church on the float to renew their wedding vows, that same year Del also went on the float dressed as a woman dancing to lady in red. Del & Sharon did so much for Dawlish & Dawlish Carnival.We our happy we fulfilled his finale wish,may he rest in peace.


 We walk away with 3 winnings at Ottery St Marys Carnival.Well done to Chelsea for getting Queen of Queens, We recived a 2nd for the float, then Best lighting in the Procession everyone had a good night well done everyone. 



Sidmouth Carnival tonight 6.30pm come along & join in the fun.

 Great news for the second year running we recived a 1st at Axminster Carnival well done to everyone. 

We picked up a 3rd at Colyton tonight well done everyone & thanks for given up your free time to attend the Carnivals.

Colyton Carnival tonight procession starts at 8pm please go along & give them your support 

Best Dressed Windows

1st Bastins, 2nd Brainwave, 3rd Geronimos, H/C Wannabee Fancy Dress

We would just like to say that Mid-Devon Advertiser had our permission to publish the contents in its newspaper ( Dawlish Post ) about our Carnival week.  


What a great result we walked away with four 1st at Bovey Tracey Carnival tonight, for Best Attendant's,Best Royalty float, Queen of Queens & Best overall winner. Well done girls & float crew. Now girls you can have a rest for a week until Sunday 10th then your have a busy week at our Carnival.

Well we are going to Bovey Tracey Carnival tonight lovely place to visit come along if your free & support Bovey Tracey Carnival. Procession starts at East Street at 6pm

We had a  great night  at Teignmouth Carnival procession it was lovely to see so many people out supporting the Carnival. We picked up a 1st for Best visiting Royalty & a 3rd for Best Attendants well done to you all & thanks again to our great float crew.

We picked up a 2nd for Visiting Royalty tonight at Torbay Carnival, well done to everyone & thank you to everyone who came along & supported Torbay Carnival.

Off to Torbay Carnival tonight, procession starts & finishes  on Paighton green. The procession will leave the green at 7.45pm sharp. Come along & give your support to Torbay Carnival.

Well we won nothing tonight  at Kingsbridge Carnival. Poor Tiana was taken ill while on the float hope she feels better in the morning looks like the sun & heat was to much for her, Maggie had to take her off the float 1/4 way around, but Sarah came to the rescue & became one of the attendant for the night. its nice to know you can rely on your friends our thanks goes to Sarah for being such a good sport. The rest of the float crew found it to hot so didn't were their costumes after judging that was all except Michael he said to Maggie, its ok & went around the whole carnival with his costume on fair play to him.

Come along tonight 26th July 2014 & support Kingsbridge Carnival Procession. The Procession will move off at 6.30p.

Well done to everyone tonight we picked up a 3rd at Chudleigh Carnival. a good effort by all.

Off to Chudleigh Carnival. The procession will start 6pm, come & give them your support.

Well done to The Girls & Float crew, we picked up a 1st for Visiting Royalty, a 2nd for Best Queen & another 2nd for Best Attendants at Newton Abbot Carnival, that's 3 weeks in a row we've won something keep it up.

Newton  Abbout Carnival this evening why not come along & give your support. Procession to start at 6.15pm

Our 2014 Carnival programs are on sale in 31 outlets & still only £2 each.

please remember our  carnival program has copyright

All 31 Outlets that you can buy our 2014 Carnival Program.

Swift Print.
Dawlish News.
The Lansdowne. 
Red Rock Cafe.
Langstone Cliff Hotel.
Marine  Garage.
Marine Post Office. 
Marine Stores.
Cost Cutters.
Gays Creamery. 
Bah! Humbug.
Coronation Stores.
Holcombe Post Office.
Pirates Chest.
The White Hart. 
Baileys No1 Cafe Bar.
Royal British Legion.
Conservative Club.
Wannabee Fancydress.
Hazelwood Londis.
Cofton Country Holidays. 
Dawlish Tourist  information centre.
Jen's Sweet Shop.
Dawlish Gazette.      
Gerald's Dawlish but not the Brook Street shop.
Gerald's Dawlish Warren.

 The Theme for the 2014 carnival is Famous Battles





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